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Freddie - round pole 2

Outdoor Class

Why my classes are so different to many "village hall" - type classes

  • My ability to plan and run classes has been independently assessed.
  • Learn how your dogs learn.
  • Learn how to teach your dogs in a more exciting and distracting environments.
  • Learn what to do when your dog doesn't "get it".
  • Roll-on, roll-off format.
  • No waiting until the next set of classes start.
  • Each exercise tailored to the individual dog, from beginner to advanced.
  • Flexible curriculum depending on owner requirements.

Unlike so many dog training classes, in my class, you will NOT:

  • Be standing around listening to me witter on for ages!
  • Be standing around watching other people handle their dogs (taking turns).
  • Be standing around watching me handle your dogs - my job is to coach you to do it!

My FULL membership of the IMDT is your guarantee of competence.  Find out why - Here.

All IMDT Members abide by a Code of Ethics - Here

I am also an assessor for new candidates for IMDT Membership - a position that is by invitation only.

Contact me for full details Here  : you won't be disappointed!