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1-2-1 Training Packages

1-2-1 Training:

  • Ideal if you have a busy life and cant commit to a class at the same time every week.
  • Learn how your dogs learn - quickly!
  • I come to you!
  • Different initial package lengths available.
  • Packages available whether this is your 1st dog or you are an experienced owner but have a training problem.
  • Completely tailored to owner requirements.

  • Unlike a class, there is no need to share my attention, it is 100% yours!
  • Further support packages beyond the initial package available later, whether that is weeks, months or years later.

PLEASE NOTE: My 1-2-1 Training Packages are NOT for dogs that are 'not good' with people or dogs, are anxious or show aggression.

These issues come from a different part of the brain than the one used to learn to 'sit', 'recall', 'stop' etc.  Therefore a behavioural approach is required - something beyond the knowledge and competence of many obedience-type dog trainers without the enhanced study and competence.  These issues need my Behavioural Consultation Package (click to go there) instead of my 1-2-1 training packages.


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