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Behaviour Consultations

These are for specific problem behaviours that are not “normal” in the majority of dogs, such as:

  • Dog-dog and/or dog-human aggression.
  • Separation Distress/Anxiety.
  • Guarding food/treats/toys/space.
  • Noise Phobias & Sensitivities.
  • Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours/OCD.
  • Generalised Anxiety.

These problems originate from a reflexive, emotional & hormonal response and are NOT 'cognitive'. A different part of the brain is involved. Therefore, 'obedience-type' trainers will NOT have the enhanced study and competence to help you and your dog and some of the methods they attempt will MAKE MATTERS WORSE!

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My FULL membership of IMDTB is your guarantee of my competence.

This is earned following a 7-day assessment process.

I hold an additional qualification in  'Canine Behaviour- Modification and Consultation' and I have undergone independent assessment of my ability in:

Analysis of canine body language; Analysis of behavioural case studies; Analysis of client behavioural questionnaires; Planning & implementing client behavioural modification sessions; Scientific theory of canine behavioural problems & solutions.

Those assessments have in turn, been independently verified by The Open College Network, an Ofqual regulated organisation.


All IMDTB Members share and abide by the Code of Ethics of the IMDT - Here

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Hows does it all work?

  • Initial contact from you.
  • I supply detailed information sheet with process and prices.
  • To proceed you pay a deposit.
  • I provide a detailed behavioural questionnaire for you to complete and a form to take to your vet.
  • You return the behavioural questionnaire and the vet form and pay the balance.
  • I review the completed questionnaire in detail.
  • We have a phone call to discuss the questionnaire.
  • I prepare a bespoke plan for you and your dog.
  • Appointment 1 - initial plan implemented.
  • Appointment 2 - progress follow up and implementation of more detailed protocols.
  • Further support packages available if required.

Contact me for full details - Here : you won't be disappointed!