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Its important to know a little about your potential Dog Trainer. That gives you confidence that you are making the right choice for you and your dog.

Nige Gunn - Owner & Dog Trainer / Behaviourist

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Choosing a dog trainer, whether for training classes, 1-2-1 training issues or for behavioural problems is quite tricky for dog owners.


Because dog training is a completely unregulated industry, ANYONE could call themselves a dog trainer/behaviourist/psychologist - literally tomorrow! - and charge people money, despite having NO education, training or knowledge themselves!


75% of my clients have been to someone else previously, before engaging me!


There are many unqualified 'dog trainers' who use methods that are scientifically invalid.  Their advice is likely to be either INEFFECTIVE or UNETHICAL or BOTH!   Hopefully, the worst thing that happens is you waste your money and time. 


However, some of these methods cause psychological harm to your dog and you can end up with a more serious problem that wasn't originally present!


For behavioural problems, the unqualified 'behaviourist' is far more likely to employ methods that are not only ineffective but downright DANGEROUS!


There are also those who, whilst they are competent 'dog trainers' often holding a 'training qualification', who can successfully operate classes or 1-2-1 sessions to teach "sit", "come" etc. - also try to advise on behavioural problems by using similar methods.


Neither the unqualified 'dog trainer' nor the ordinary, 'qualified and competent dog trainer' will have the competence to deal with behavioural problems.


Aggression towards dogs or people; guarding behaviours; separation problems; abnormal repetitive behaviours; noise phobias and various other problems - require an understanding of anxiety, stress, the canine brain's hormonal responses to triggers, that are way beyond 'normal training'.  See my page on Behaviour Modification to see how differently I operate, compared to these people.


Fortunately, now that you have found me - I am PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED and  INDEPENDENTLY ACCREDITED in both 'Training' and 'Behaviour Modification'.


Therefore, you can be assured that you aren't hiring someone who has watched a couple of TV programmes and then simply tries to copy those methods, nor someone who has only completed some flimsy, unrecognised pseudo-qualification.


If you follow my methods and advice correctly, you are guaranteed to get results!

In addition to my qualifications, I am also an authorised Trainer/Behaviourist for some voluntary organisations:

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Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming
Soi Dog Foundation

A foster-based registered charity Rescue in Staffordshire Moorlands.

I work with foster parents and adopters to help dogs to settle in and to evaluate their training/behavioural needs.

This registered charity rehomes dogs from Cyprus that have often lead a traumatic life.  Once transported to the UK I advise the Trustees, foster parents and adopters in any aspect of training/behavioural issues.

This is a specialist organisation that campaigns against the Dog Meat Trade across Asia and provides medical support, and in suitable cases, adoption of street dogs from Thailand.

I support both the UK Management and Volunteer Teams in addition to the UK adopter families.

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Find out more about me, my accreditations and the courses that I have attended  Here

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