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This is usually where you get bored to death, with stories of how I had a goldfish when I was 6 yrs old etc. etc.  I wont do that! 

You only want to know relevant details about my knowledge and competence.

I hold qualifications in both “Dog Training and Behaviour” and "Canine Behaviour - Modification and Consultancy".


These are not worthless “in-house” unregulated qualifications, they are independently assessed and verified by OCN, an Ofqual regulated training organisation and so are recognised across the UK by public educational institutions.

There are many people, locally and across the UK, who offer services as a 'dog trainer', 'dog behaviourist' or 'dog psychologist'.

Sadly, in an unregulated industry, they are able to do so without any proper education and/or qualifications.


They are 'self-styled' and can only cite "long experience", should you ask about their competence - which is just a smoke-screen.


Many of my clients, across my range of services with puppies, group classes, 1-2-1 training and behavioural work, have been to such people prior to engaging my services.


I regularly attend courses and seminars across the UK that are delivered by internationally renowned dog training & behaviourist experts. Below you will find a list of some of these.

More training and courses are planned – you are NEVER too old to learn and no decent dog trainer or behaviourist should think that they “know everything”!


My FULL membership of the IMDT is your guarantee of competence.  Find out why - Here.

This is earned following a comprehensive independent 2-day assessment process.  You can't just pay money and join.

All IMDT Members abide by a Code of Ethics - Here

I am also an assessor for new candidates for IMDT Membership - a position that is by invitation only.

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My FULL membership of IMDTB is your guarantee of my competence.

This is earned following a comprehensive 7-day assessment process.

I hold an additional qualification in  'Canine Behaviour- Modification and Consultation' and I have undergone independent assessment of my ability in:

Analysis of canine body language; Analysis of behavioural case studies; Analysis of client behavioural questionnaires; Planning & implementing client behavioural modification sessions; Scientific theory of canine behavioural problems & solutions.

Those assessments have in turn, been independently verified by The Open College Network, an Ofqual regulated organisation.

All IMDTB Members share and abide by the Code of Ethics of the IMDT - Here

Course List

» Loose Lead Walking Workshop – IMDT

» Behaviour Adjustment Training (aggressive or anxious/nervous dog treatment protocol) – Grisha Stewart

» Handling Reactive (aggressive) Dogs – Brenda Aloff

» Training Reactive (aggressive) Dogs – Brenda Aloff

» Dog Training, Building Teamwork & Cooperation – Grisha Stewart

» Changing Predatory Chase Behaviour – David Ryan

» Specialist Collie Trainers Course – Kay Lawrence

» Noise Sensitivity & Phobias – IMDTB

» Separation Anxiety/Distress – IMDTB

» Consultation & Follow-up Skills – IMDTB

» Resource Guarding – IMDTB

» Multi-dog Households – Claudia Estanislah

» An overview of Canine cognitive Dysfunction (doggy dementia) – Dave Brice

»The Urban Border Collie – Kay Laurence

» Recall Workshop – IMDT

» Practical Dog Training Instructor’s Course – IMDT

» Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation – IMDT

» Perfect Puppy – IMDT

» Canine Behavioural Theory – IMDT

» Making Your Dog Classes Fun & Effective – Kamal Fernandez

» Dog Platform Training – Kay Attwood

» Psychopharmacology & Canine Behaviour - IMDTB

» Empowering the Canine Learner - Chriag Patel

» Impulse Control – IMDTB

» Dog to Human Aggression – IMDTB

» Abnormal Repetitive behaviours in Dogs (OCD) – IMDTB

» Dealing with an Extreme Rescue Dog – John McGuigan

»What does Finished Training Look like? – Kay Laurence

» Puppy Training & Education – Claudia Estanislah

» Functional Characters in Dogs – Dr. Isla Fishburn